Today I began a gratitude journal.

It was a long time coming.

Months and months ago my best friend and I went on a journey of learning more about being grateful, especially when we didn’t “feel” grateful.  Gratefulness and thanksgiving have been recurring things that have popped up in both of our lives ever since…as we learn how to be thankful even when everything around us seems hard, bad, tiring, unlovely.

We started this journey through Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ website (  It was a 30-day challenge to choosing gratitude.  I haven’t been the same since that challenge.

It can be very hard, being grateful.  I tend to be so consumed with my own life, what’s coming against, what I have to do, what is hard and how it could be easier, asking the “what if…” questions.  How can you see the gifts from God that surround you when you can’t even see past the tip of your own nose?

I’m learning.

Now precious Ann VosKamp has released her book, “One Thousand Gifts”, where she shares the hardships she has endured and shows her weaknesses to emphasize that even in the midst of all of that God taught her how to be grateful, how to see the grace gifts all around her.  So she began a gratitude journal and began to number and write all of these special moments and things and people and she learned to be grateful.  She learned that life can be beautiful.  That God has loved us so lavishly and we miss those love gifts because we are living life in a whirlwind…when we don’t have to live like that.

So my journey towards gratitude continues with these…

1. The smell of bar-b-q chicken baking in the crock pot

2. Hair that naturally falls into curly, wavy locks.

3. Kitty cats giving themselves a bath.

Will you begin this journey with me?  Let’s count our blessings together.


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