Hiding Behind “Nobody’s Perfect”

It is true that no one is perfect. As humans we cannot attain perfection until we place our faith in Jesus Christ and he begins to work in us to perfect completion when we go to spend eternity with him.
But I think we use our lack of perfection, our humanness, as a crutch. We choose to use it as an excuse when we mess up, when we purposely choose to live according to the flesh.
I think it’s time we wake up to the lie the enemy of our souls has been feeding us for far too long.
See, we bust out the statements like “nobody’s perfect”, “I only have one life to live”, and “I’m human-I make mistakes” and we use them in a selfish attempt at defining “grace” in a way that fits the way we choose to live our lives. Boy, has the evil one got us fooled. Deceit is, after all, his specialty.
What we should do (what I should do) is humbly confess our sinfulness instead of making excuses. We know what we are doing when we sin. We take a thought captive, realizing the meanness involved. We choose whether or not to use that word that we know is unwholesome speech. We are given the choice between picking up another drink or walking through that door. We know. WE KNOW what we are doing. And we need to stop hiding behind the excuses & take responsibility for our words & actions.
We often have no idea of the great impact we have on those around us and honestly, making excuses for our sinful behavior isn’t going to cut it when it comes to a dying, lost world. They are looking for something DIFFERENT from the world around them. We are called as a peculiar people, living in the world but not of the world.
What I’m asking is that we stop making excuses to sin & start taking up our crosses as the people of God.
We can’t hide from God with a “nobody’s perfect” or “I just need to make some mistakes”. Those don’t cut it. We have to stop distorting & abusing grace.


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