Choosing Rest

I am sitting here on a balmy April night.

Well, it was 80 in this house around 8 p.m. Supposedly the temperature is going down.

Regardless, I just need to sit under this ceiling fan and chill before attempting sleep.

I think God orchestrated this uncomfortable warmness to keep me up tonight.  To chill out.  And to pray.

I definitely have things to pray about for myself.  But there are others…

The 90-year-old in the hospital that has just been through something rough.

The friend who lost her son months ago who is still grieving.

The one who just needs someone to pray for her.

My brothers and sister throughout the world that are being persecuted for their belief in Jesus.

Wars and rumors of wars.

The devastation of natural disasters.

That pop celebrity whose life is falling apart at the seams.

The woman who is scared for the safety of herself and her children.

God keeps me awake and I am on prayer watch.  I mentally prayer walk up next to each one and lift them up to the Father.


I become cranky and restless when I’m hot.

But I find rest in the lover of my soul and spend time with HIM….and I start to cool and relax.

Thankful for the hot and the uncomfortable moments that push me towards my God, where I remember how sweet communing with him truly is and how much others need me.

I am needed.

You are needed.

Someone needs to be prayed for because prayer makes a difference in other’s lives and in mine.

Prayer changes situations.

Prayer changes lives.

My selfishness thinks I’m crazy for almost longing for more uncomfortable that will drive me to talk to my Abba when I have become lost in the comfort of this life. Yet there is no comfort in the thickness of air and I am restless.

Augustine said that the heart knows no rest until it finds rest in you, God.

The uncomfortable amidst the comfort offers me two options: find rest in God or remain restless.

I choose rest. Because God loves me. And he loves those he has placed on my heart to pray for this night.  My heart will be restless with their presence until I hand them over to the great I AM. For he can do so much more than I can physically do.

He can physically heal.

He can carry the burden of the one who grieves.

He shatters fears.

He gives hope.

He erases doubts.

He brings joy.

He speaks to me and I seem to come alive.

And there is rest for tonight.


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