When I Create the Stress

God has done a great deal with me since September of 2010.  When I left my 10-6 job I wasn’t quite sure how things were going to work out, but he has provided in abundance for my every need.  I’ve had a wonderful peace about leaving my job back in the fall and relish the opportunity to focus so much of my attention to the work required for my masters degree in theological studies (which I will be done with in August…woot woot!).  Until this week I was one week ahead in my classes…until this week.

I took the last week to rest because I wasn’t feeling that great, but I was well enough to work on school stuff.

But I didn’t.

So I’m sitting at my laptop…Tara Leigh Cobble streaming into my ears (beautiful)…de-stressing.

I have the privilege to attend Going Beyond with Priscilla Shirer this weekend in Lynchburg, VA.  I am so excited to see her and hear her in person.  So thrilled at what God is going to do in that place and in our hearts.

The Norfolk Tides home opener is Saturday night and I have tickets to attend with my nephew (unless we get rained out).  Baseball is my favorite sport.  I honestly could care less about the other sports (gasp).  I get baseball.  I actually enjoy watching it on television and even more in person….even if I did get hit with foul ball several years ago.  I’m over it and Saturday night will be great fun.

My niece celebrates her birthday on Sunday (not to mention that this Sunday is also Palm Sunday).  We will have an afternoon of good food and presents and laughter.

And I have 2 assignments and a quiz due for my classes….and they are not done.

It’s moments like this when I sit back and breathe deep and listen to beautiful melodies that I realize that no one pushes stress onto me.  I create the stress.  Sometimes I think it fuels my work.  Actually being ahead for a week is not the norm for me.  I’m a procrastinator at heart and do some of my best work at the last minute (really).  But as I get older I don’t know that I’m satisfied with that anymore.  I  long to be free of stress, but I am the one who heaps it upon myself.

Today I am going to knock out at least one assignment and the quiz.  At least that.

And I’m going to look forward to what will be a wonderful weekend that God is going to bless me with.

I will not let my self-created stress steal my joy – joy in the happenings of this weekend OR the joy of my studies.  Because these studies are a gift and blessing as well.

P.S. Since I mentioned her I definitely need to suggest you check out Tara Leigh Cobble’s latest album, Morning’s War.  It’s $9.99 on iTunes. Beautiful voice and fab lyrics and melodies.



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