My Favorite Things: Bible Cover by Will This Fly

I have to admit that I have had difficulty finding a cover for my Bible that I really liked.  They were always too blah or just looked down-right tacky (in my opinion).  Then I came across a fab store that made custom Bible covers. I sent the ladies some of my favorite colors, styles, etc. and they went to work. I wondered with anticipation if I would like it. When I received it I was not disappointed. It is fun and eclectic and funky. It is just the happiest looking book EVER.
The front has a blue jeans pocket that is sewn to separate three writing utensils. And I really like buckling up my Bible. It helps to keep any loose papers tucked away inside and from it flopping around. I just think it’s darlin’!

The backside has a big pocket that is great for papers and a small notebook, if you like to take notes. My favorite thing about this favorite thing may be the birdie on the back. I love birds!

If you’re looking for a sassy Bible cover, please check out the gals at Will This Fly over at etsy. Here’s the link to their store: WillThisFly at etsy


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: Bible Cover by Will This Fly

  1. I have an ESV study bible that I need a cover for it is so big, it is impossible to find a cover for. Thanks for the info!!

  2. I have an Archaeological Study Bible and it is SO THICK! You give the ladies the measurements of your Bible and they make it up for you. Mine is a perfect fit! 🙂 If you decide to order a cover from Will This Fly, would you please let the ladies know that I sent you? Thanks! 🙂

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