Dust Yourself Off

Do you ever feel guilty for setting a goal for yourself and you end up totally abandoning it?

Yeah, me too!

The thing is I set goals regarding GOOD things: reading through the Bible in a year, chronicling my year in pictures/verses/quotes in my lovely project:life book, eating healthier, getting exercise, finally getting around to reading Lysa TerKeurst’s “Made to Crave” (because I’ve been secretly fearing she was gonna get in my business).

You can have too much of a good thing.

Sometimes you have to let some good things go and focus on smaller goals.

So I’m trying again…starting tomorrow. ūüôā

I go back on Weight Watchers’ online program tomorrow. ¬†Figures that it is going to storm like crazy as I begin again. ¬†But I was on WW from September – December of 2010 and lost 20+ pounds. ¬†FO’ REALS!

Starting Friday, after the big daddy of all storms rolls through, I’m going to get out and move…just a little. ¬†A 20 minute walk in the sun, talking to God.

I’m going to read past the introduction of “Made to Crave”¬†and post about each chapter weekly…right here! Every Friday (starting next week…gotta give a girl some time to read, dwell, and respond).

I’m going to work on my project:life album a bit each week. ¬†Perhaps even share photos here from time to time to keep me accountable. ¬†This particular project is very important to me, so I want to follow through. ¬†Time to organize my photos and go for it.

Thanks to Gina Cooper I have a new read thru the Bible in one year Bible РMessage Remix Рgives me an OT and NT passage to read each day and questions to meditate on.  LOVE it!  Such a help!  What a dear sister in this walk!

You might be thinking…She didn’t take one thing off of that good stuff list of hers.

I would if I knew that I needed to. ¬†I haven’t stayed fully committed to these goals because…I have issues with¬†commitment¬†– in areas of my life with things and people that I love. ¬†It’s crazy. ¬†It’s a stronghold. ¬†And God is working on me and in me. ¬†(Keep me in your prayers, y’all!) ¬†ūüôā ¬†I also have a strong tendency to procrastinate. ¬†I usually follow that with – “I do some of my best stuff at the last minute”. ¬†That is true, but I need to stop using that crutch and walk on the solid ground of my Rock.

So I’m dusting myself off and trying again. ¬†God is patient and forgiving and kind to me and with his strength I can accomplish anything!

{What are some of your goals – short or long term? ¬†What did you want to work on or learn to do this year but haven’t gotten around to yet? Let’s share and encourage one another.}

P. to tha’ S. Don’t forget to check back on Saturday for my next favorite thing. ūüôā


2 thoughts on “Dust Yourself Off

  1. I was just thinking about goals today too!! I’m kind of torn, because I don’t want to go to the extreme of legalism, where each day is detailed out, but I need some structure. Praying about it.

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