My Favorite Things: Paper Route

No, not having a paper route…the band, Paper Route.

They could have named themselves Awesomeness, but that would have been a bit egotistical I suppose.

I discovered Paper Route when I was counting down the days to a Paramore concert.  I knew that Paper Route would be performing, had never heard of them, and felt that it was my duty to buy their latest CD and become acquainted with their sound before I let them sing to me in person.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

These guys are so distinctive.  What they create never disappoints my ears.  Just when you think you may have their “sound” figured out they go and do something you weren’t ready for.  I love that.

I realize their music may not be everyone’s cup o’ joe, but that’s why it’s my favorite things.  🙂  I share this info with you just in case you have never heard of them, you give a listen, and decide that they’re the coolest thing since moon pies…or fried chicken…or Pringles (I might be hungry as I type this).

These guys are working on a new album which makes me exuberant! Here’s a bit of a listen from their album, Absence.  These happen to be three of my favorite songs, but it’s so hard to choose favorites with these fellas.  If you like any of what you hear below you’ll enjoy the whole album, I guarantee it.

Happy listening 🙂


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