My Favorite Things: Weddings

AWESOME weddings….that  needs to be clarified.  Not all weddings are the same.  And it has nothing to do with how small or big your budget is.  For me, it’s about beauty and fun, family and friends.  And in some cases millions of people watching.

That’s right.

One of my favorite things was the latest royal wedding.

My mother and sister woke me up 30 years ago to watch Charles marry Diana.  We are anglophiles…all three of us.  I think, if given the chance, we could move to England and never return (just sayin’).  Now, I didn’t wake up super early to watch this wedding because…I’m older and revel in sleep.  But I did get to watch it later AND have already pre-ordered the BBC copy of the entire ceremony (plus other little bits) on DVD (anglophile…or weirdo, whichever you prefer).

I have never dreamed of having a huge wedding.  But I’ve dreamed about that dress.  Wasn’t it stunning?!  So simple and beautiful.  Just what I would want.  And the bouquet…simple and understated and so pretty.  Trees in the church and beautiful songs and hymns being sung.  Loved.  it.

And no, I’m not late to the party.  It’s just the everyone else went over the wedding right after it happened and I wanted to wait.  Sometimes I like to let things set with me for a while and marinate in my mind and heart, especially before I write.  So that wedding has been in the back of mind ever since that fun Friday (I’ve also pre-ordered a book and cd and Catherine wedding doll…seriously).

So here are some highlights in case you missed it OR you just would like to take a few minutes and remember how lovely and charming the ceremony was.

p.s.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the baby’s mommas out there! 😉


One thought on “My Favorite Things: Weddings

  1. I don’t know how she held it all together. I mean, I am a blubbering mess when it comes to wedding. And, this one with all it’s fuss and bustle about it. I had tears just watching it on TV. *sigh* I am just a big softie I suppose!

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