His Unexpected Ways

Psalm 77:13 ~ Your ways, God, are holy.
What god is as great as our God?

God doesn’t always answer my prayers in the way I expect him to.

I know, right?!

But his ways are infinitely greater than my ways of doing things.

I moved back home in 2002.  Going back home is not always easy.  I am blessed that I came home to a family who loves me like whoa!  I had a place to live and God continued to provide for my every need.  But I was lonely.  Never in my entire life have I struggled so much to find like-minded friends.  Never.

That, dear ones, is discouraging.

I have friends that are very close at heart, but we are miles and miles apart.  So I asked God to bring some Godly, like-minded friends into my life.  And I expected them to surface right here where I live.

God had a different idea.

I began connecting with others via social networking, like Twitter and Facebook.  All of a sudden I was having conversations with, sharing with, laughing with people that did not live down the street a ways.  I have really enjoyed connecting with some really great people, but I couldn’t help saying to God, “This isn’t what I asked for?” —- Really?

Because he knows what I need better than I know myself.  I obviously needed these specific women in my life and this was his way of connecting us.  Just typing out those two sentences are enough to make me want to get on my face before him, because he is THAT GOOD!

I’m not besties with any of these women yet, but I foresee besties-in-the-making with a few of them.  I love that!

~God is so good.  He’s so good to me.~……This I know….


So if you’re getting to know me, let this be a warning that OF COURSE I was going to include a video clip of a cheesy 80s friendship song that includes harmonica.  IT’S A GIVEN!  (Still wanna be friends?)  🙂


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