In My Face

I’m a very visual person.  There are many times in my mind’s eye (or my heart’s eye) that God uses visuals to speak to me and get things across to my stubborn self.  One of my phrases I’ve used over the years is ~ “God popped me on the forehead with that!”  Well, he didn’t really pop me on the forehead, but has he ever spoken SO loud and clear through Scripture, music, art, etc. that it felt like he had popped you on the forehead to get your attention?  ME TOO! There have also been moments when I have been aching with pain and needed to feel God’s presence near to me.  It has been those times when I have seen Jesus sitting next to me, arm around my shoulder, hand on my hand.

I just began a required evangelism course for my master’s degree and was already apprehensive about how God would speak to my heart about how I’ve seriously dropped the ball in sharing my faith.  The resources chosen for this class are pretty cool.  They are very read-able and approach evangelism in a way that makes you want to run out your front door and start building relationships with people so you can begin to share the Gospel with them (seriously).

God gave me a new visual as I embarked on this course.

He got all up in my face.

Not in a mean way, but in a “this is serious…are you listening?…do you get this?” kind of in my face.  It is a caring way of getting in my face ~ not just care for me, but care and love for those I come into contact with day in and day out.  I should be caring about others in that way.  It’s a serious job and responsibility of every believer.  Are we really reaching out to people and sharing the Gospel or are we choosing to live in isolation within our community of believers?  It can be so much easier to just run in church circles.  That community is important; discipleship is important; corporate worship and prayer is important.

How often do we forget that Jesus commanded us to GO?

Sometimes that looks like traveling somewhere else to share the Gospel.

Sometimes that looks like going to the grocery store.

Man, God is all up in my face right now.

I’m so thankful that God loves me and humanity so much that he gets in my face.

This is a journey and I am not always going to get it right.  But evangelism isn’t a special calling.  It’s a command given by our leader and we dare not shirk it off like it doesn’t apply to us.

~ Some great resources to read and study through as you carry out Christ’s call:

Evangelism Is – A great book that speaks clearly concerning the Great Commission (it’s also on Kindle, which I just think is cool beans).

Share Jesus Without Fear – This is a fairly popular resource and after reading it I can see why.  LifeWay also has a video-driven course that corresponds with the tenets of this book…worth checking out.

Minister to Others – A helpful Bible study resource that takes you on a daily journey towards sharing your faith with others.


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