Favorite Things Friday: The Message//Remix:Pause

I’m moving “My Favorite Things” to Friday because…well…I like the alliteration.  🙂

This week’s favorite thing is The Message//Remix: Pause Bible.

I was blessed to be given this Bible for FREE. (win!)

The Message//Remix:Pause is a daily reading Bible. I set a goal for myself to read through the Bible in 2011. I started out okay, but quickly fell off the daily Bible-reading wagon. This daily reader entered my life and has made all the difference!
There is an Old Testament and New Testament reading for each day. There are also brief questions asked at the end of each reading to take you deeper into what you’ve read. I think this is great because it helps it not just be another thing that I do during the day that gets mentally checked off of a list.
Plus, this is The Message version so it’s super easy to read and understand. 🙂

Check it out on amazon.com ~ they even have it so that you can sneak a peek inside.

Happy Friday!


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