Do I Have Your Attention?

I cannot help but wonder if God is trying to get our attention.

I can think of little things throughout the day that bring God to mind.  It is then that I turn my attention and focus to Him.  But what about the natural disasters of 2011?  It’s been one thing after another, has it not?  Volcanoes, blizzards, deadly tornadoes, tsunami, earthquakes.  It’s like God is asking, “Do I have your attention?”

Now, before you run off thinking I’m about to pull a Harold Camping on you…

I’m not suggesting the end of the world tomorrow (although, for selfish reasons, I’d be okay with that).

What I am suggesting is that all of these devastating events should get us thinking about how we are choosing to live our lives.  It makes me think of the people who did not survive and wonder if they knew Jesus as their Savior.  It should chill us to the bone to think of people just being torn away from this earth without Jesus.

Has God gotten our attention yet?  What are we doing, as believers, to spread the Gospel?  Are we busy living for ourselves instead of dying to self and serving the people around us?

What does the outbreak of natural disasters make you think about?  Would love your feedback!


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