Five-Minute Friday: On Forgetting…

I fear forgetting.

I mentioned this last week.  That I am afraid I will forget.

I have always been one of those people that remembers things that no one else remembers.

For instance…

~ the color of the shirt you were wearing when we met.

~ the song that was playing when I slow-danced for the last time with him.

~ the smell of Germany.

~ what I was wearing the night I gave my heart to Jesus.

I remember names and faces and events.  They are fresh in my mind like yesterday.  Perhaps even clearer than yesterday.

And I don’t want to forget what I’ve come from.  How far I’ve come with the help of the hand of my Master and Friend.

The Lover of my soul.

I do not want to forget all that we have been through together.

All of the mess I created.

All of the beauty He made of the mess.

I dare not forget the change He has made in my life.

I fear forgetting.

I want to remember every smile, every touch, every smell…I want to breathe this life in and hold it….hold it…ahh.


4 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday: On Forgetting…

  1. “All of the beauty He made of the mess.” I fear forgetting that too…fear forgetting it’s His beauty…not mine. Great post. I appreciated your esteeming of the important things.

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