Wood Carved Icthys AND a DaySpring giveaway

My first memory of seeing an icthys is from my childhood.  Friends of my parents had an icthys with the name “Jesus” inside, but you had to stare at it for a long time before you could see it {almost like a hidden picture book}.  I was fascinated with it.  Every time we would go to visit I would inevitably be found staring at that icthys.  I also grew up with parents who placed icthys metal stickers on the back of their cars {I have followed suit ~ it’s like a family tradition now, right?}.  I even dated a guy who got an icthys tattoo on his shoulder.  Needless to say, I have been surrounded by this symbol all of my life.  I was taught that the icthys represented Christ, life, and that what seems impossible is possible with God.  Now I have this lovely wood carved wall hanging for my own home.

I received this beautiful wall-hanging from DaySpring.  It was actually bigger than I expected it to be {thought it would be a bit bigger than my hand; ended up being the size of a tray}. But I think it’s beautiful!  If you click on the link to shop over at DaySpring, you will find LOTS of gorgeous home decor that reflect your faith and God’s love.  So be sure to check it out!

I also want to thank the people over at DaySpring because they have given me the opportunity to offer my readers a $20 coupon code to spend over at DaySpring!  Yea!  You have several chances to enter to win.  You can choose to enter once or a number of times based on the criteria listed below. Here’s the details on how to enter to win the $20 coupon giveaway:

~ Leave a comment regarding the icthys symbol: a memory, what it means to you when you see it, etc.

~ Subscribe to my blog {if you’re a new subscriber, leave a comment and let me know: if you’re an existing subscriber, leave a comment and let me know that, too}

~ Go over to DaySpring and comment about something you like over there that you’d use your $20 coupon code on {if you won}

There ya’ go!  Three different ways to enter yourself in the giveaway.  You can choose to do one or all three!  🙂

Comments will be open thru Thursday night {June 2} so you have time ~ tell your friends! 🙂

*** I received the wood carved icthys wall hanging for free from DaySpring.  All opinions within this post are my own and do not reflect the opinions of DaySpring***



6 thoughts on “Wood Carved Icthys AND a DaySpring giveaway

  1. Beck, that’s beautiful! I had the metal sticker icthys on my car in college. 🙂 I’ll look at Dayspring tomorrow and see what else might interest me. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway. Love you.

  2. OK, you hooked me for the possiblity of a free $20. I subscribed and now I’ll go looking for what I want to get from Dayspring. I love their site!

  3. Also, I’m a subscriber…aw man. Now that song, “I’m a survivor, I’m going make it….” is in my head.

  4. OK, the icthys reminds me to be a fisherman. Every time I see one, I think about being a fisher of men.

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