Favorite Things Friday & June Photo Fun: My Favorite Shoes

June Photo Fun for June 2nd was supposed to be pics of my favorite shoes, so I’ve saved that for today and will double up June 3 and 4 tomorrow (probably). 🙂

I have spied several pairs of shoes that I would really like to have that would easily become my favorite shoes, but I have pics of my favorite shoes that I actually own right now.

I just think they’re adorbs!  See….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was on a mad dash to find white shoes for Easter Sunday and I found these at Peebles.  Sling-backs usually don’t work well with my thin heels, but these don’t slip or fall off.  Because of multiple ankle sprains (and the fact that I could stand to lose a bunch of weight) I have trouble walking in high heels, but wedges are actually quite comfy to walk in.  AND it’s a plus that it’s eyelet.  I LOVE eyelet.  🙂

It’s also my special privilege to announce the winner of the DaySpring coupon giveaway!  Yea!

Just so you know, I use a website-based randomizer where I enter the names and it gives me a random pick ~ so that’s how I came up with a winner.

And the winner is…..


Yea you!

Robin, I will send you the coupon code to your facebook inbox.  Enjoy! And come and let us know what you got! 🙂

Happy Weekending!


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