Five Minute Friday: Backwards

Moving back and forth and back again.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just living my life backwards.

I had a plan and a heart for life moving forward.  Living forward meant the life I had though I would have.  Now I sit in the midst of a big Plan B, wondering what You are up to.

Because to my human mind this seems backwards.  Shouldn’t I have done some of things when I was younger.  Isn’t now supposed to be “too late”?

But You put beauty in the backwards.

What I perceive as backwards, You illumine as the plan You have had for me.  A plan that You have never abandoned, although I have many, many times.

So that’s why it feels backwards!

Because I walked away from what you had for me some many times.  But now I have the grace-filled opportunity for You to still use me.

I am humbled and in awe at how You do for me.

And when my finite mind and other people look at my life and all we think is “backwards” ~ You will be there to remind me that I am actually moving forward in Your will…Your way.

I cannot comprehend because Your thoughts are higher than mine.  So you use the “backwards” to remind me of this ~ that You are in control and that You still have a plan.  What seems to be Plan B to me is really the ultimate plan You have always had in mind.

Even if I feel like I’m moving backwards.


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Backwards

  1. I am with you on that image you offer of rocking backward and forward, wanting all movement to feel “forward”, when our struggles, the times of waiting, the opportunities to trust Him with the timing of it all, is the moving forward, with Him. Thank you so much for this reminder. Bless you.

  2. “But You put beauty in the backwards.” Yes, He does. Great reminder. Beautifully written.

  3. Great encouragement to see God’s beauty in what He plans versus what we desire! Thank you for writing today…it was a blessing! Have a great day!

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