When I Need to Go Away

I cannot tell you how many times this itty bitty blog has popped into my mind over the past two weeks.  I have wanted to sit here and write to you.  I have wanted to share cool stuff with you.  I could go on and on and on.

But have stuff going on up to my earlobes.


One thing I made a specific decision to do was to be a part of Vacation Bible School with my congregation. I knew the week planned for VBS would be busy for me even if you removed VBS from the picture of my life.  But I felt called by God to serve and I am really looking forward to next week!  {Please PRAY for me, all teachers, all workers, the children, everything!}

The other side of that coin is grad school.  Oh, grad school.  I know that God called me to this, so I know that He is able to see me through this work and I believe He will be faithful to do so.

But let me tell you….

I will be finished with this degree in mid-August.  Liberty divides their online courses into 8-week sessions.  8 WEEKS.  That’s a whole semester squeezed into 8…little…weeks.  Mercy. And because of the way the weeks lay for the summer, I will have FOUR courses going on at the same time next week and the week after.  I will be finishing up the last two weeks of my current courses (Contemporary Evangelism and Church History II) and beginning the first two weeks of my final two courses (The Life of the Leader and the History of Worship).  It is all GOOD STUFF!  But it is a lot of hard work.  In fact, I just bum-rushed through my discussion boards for this week so I can spend the rest of this week reading an entire book for a book critique that is due this Sunday night AND make sure I’m all ready for VBS next week.

So that’s why I haven’t been here.  I haven’t been much on twitter or facebook.  I pop onto the computer for a bit and then I’m gone.  I feel a bit isolated, but I know these next few weeks will zoom by, that God will provide everything I need, and that I will be back here in full force very soon.

Be looking for me this Friday as I will definitely try to post a five-minute Friday post.

Favorite Thing Friday will be postponed until I finish up these first two courses over the next two weeks.  But when I am back in two and half weeks I have some cute, fun favorite things to share with you.  Excited about that!

In the meantime, please pray for me.  I would be curled up in a ball crying way before now if not for the grace of God and the love and support of my family in Jesus.  You mean so much to me.

Blog atcha’ soon!


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