Happy New Year!

I know.  It’s August.

I decided that August 1st would be the beginning of a new year for me…rebel.

I think I put so much pressure on myself in January, with resolutions and anticipation of a new year, that I became overwhelmed.

In fact, about three days into January I had an anxiety attack.  I had put too much on a life’s plate that was already pretty full and my mind and body didn’t respond well.

So I embraced some resolutions early in the year and others I have begun as of August 1st.

Six days in I’m actually doing pretty good…and I don’t feel overwhelmed. Key.  🙂

To fill you in…

In two weeks I will have earned a Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

Two days later I will begin work on a Master of Divinity degree at Regent University.  I’m so very excited about this!  God has really opened so many doors and I’m looking forward to actually attending classes (as opposed to online course – which I did for LBTS).  There is a wonderful sense of community and God’s presence at Regent – it’s a thrilling time and I would SO appreciate your prayers as I embark on yet another journey with God.

Happy New Year!  🙂

{Did you make any resolutions at the beginning at 2011?  If you did, how are you doing?  Ever feel completely overwhelmed with all that you “have” to do along with all that you “want” to do?  Please share – I’d love to hear from you!}


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