Ich liebe dich, Deutschland

I attended Virginia Wesleyan College for one year…almost…in 1995.  Today I had the opportunity to tour the campus today with a young friend who is looking to transfer.  I recognized several buildings, but the campus has evolved so much.  New buildings. Beautiful landscaping and fountains.  It was the same, yet so very different.

If I’m honest, I don’t have many memories from my time at VWC.  What sticks out is German class – the beginning of my fascination and love for the German language and German culture.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a deutsch-o-phile (doesn’t quite have the same “ring” as anglophile, but we will roll with it).   The German language came naturally to me.  I haven’t been using it so my conversational German is ragged, but I use words here and there to keep it alive in my mind.  I think secretly I want to live in Germany one day, but we will leave that to God – I also want to live in England.

Seriously…who wouldn’t want to visit here?!

And who could possibly not be impressed with a waitress that can do this during Oktoberfest in Munich?

And I would love to sit and chat with a man dressed like this…

I might even want to sport this style myself…

I could do a little dance…

Eat a little food…

You get the idea.

I also love Germany because of these guys…

{If you can name any of them, you get…the satisfaction of knowing who they were.}

I also heart these things…

All of these memories…all of this stirred.  Just by walking around a college campus.


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