The Rest of the Story

So, yesterday I gushed about my love for Germany.  But there was a purpose behind that post…

I visited Germany once with a group from university.  I was miserable and had a miserable time.  I would have been better to have gone on my own, because after about five days into the trip I wanted to go home.  Not necessarily because I was homesick or hated Germany.  There were several factors that contributed to my feelings.  Sufficed to say, I just didn’t want to be there with those people in that context any longer.

Obviously I was able to glean some good from the trip because I do have fond memories that serve as snapshots, little snippets.  Those are the ones that I sew together in my memory, while I try to forget the horrible moments there.

Although Germany was the country of Martin Luther and the home of so much of what we consider to be the Protestant Reformation, Germany really is no more Christian than the United States of America.  Although almost 65% of the population of Germany claims to be Christian, this is not obvious when you visit.  There has been an erosion of ethics (sound familiar?). And you may tour those great big churches throughout Germany, but it would be rare that you go on any given Sunday and find the places full of worshipers.  Small congregations have sprung up all over the country, mainly home churches and small community churches.  But there is still work to be done.  This just adds to my passion for these people, as 23% of the country is still unreached and has not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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