First....I did not forget about these awesome back-to-school supplies that DaySpring sent to me.  I'm just a little late to the party because...

  • I just finished my MA in Theological Studies
  • Two days later, I began my MDiv at Regent University
  • My first week of school we had an earthquake, and...
Lord, have mercy!  It has been super busy and CRAZY up in the VA!
But here I am and let me take a moment to tell you about these super cute supplies for back-to-school! :)

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ADORBS, right??
When I received these I knew instantly who I would pass them on niece.  She begins middle school next week.  As far as I'm concerned, I think she can use all the reminding of God's love for her that she can get her hands on while she attends a secular school.  These supplies are just right for her.  She LOVES bright pink (and just about any other bright color) and she also likes black (because she has this punk/rock side to her already at 11).  She also LOVES Jesus, and these supplies will serve as a great reminder to her that He loves her back big time!  These supplies will also potentially open the door for her to witness, as friends and classmates ask about what the stuff on her binder means, etc.  Awesome....awesome...awesome!
When I was growing up, I hearted my Trapper Keeper with the hearts and rainbows.  But I sure wish I had something like this to take back to school with me every September.
Great job, DaySpring!! And thanks!!
~ Take a moment and pray for all the kids that have already gone back to school and those that are anticipating their first day back next week.~
***Disclaimer:  DaySpring sent me these items and the opinions set forth in this blog are mine and not those of DaySpring or any of its affiliates.***

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