Wanting to Write Something That Matters

I am pursuing a degree where I am encouraged to write….every day.  I think the idea of that is nice, but I cannot help but wonder what in the world I would write about daily.  I would assume beforehand that most of what I would write would be mundane, with a few nuggets and pearls along the way.  But if I am going to write every day I cannot escape the desire to write something that matters, either to me or others (mostly others).  And it doesn’t help that my mind wanders over so many different topics at any given time.  I have difficulty focusing on just one.  When I cannot focus on one topic, I tend to meander into the day-to-day happenings.  Fact is I could learn much from my daily musings, even if they are mundane to others.  Plus I never know when God might use something in my everyday to touch the life of someone else.  It seems odd that what we might consider to be mundane or boring could speak life into someone else, but it happens.  That is one of the amazing ways God works.

So, I apologize in advance if you visit this blog and are bored with what I offer.  Know that I want to write something that matters…and occasionally I will.  And other times I will just write and think that I’m throwing out another dull post, but that one post may be something that changes a life for God’s glory.

p.s. I am going to the Living Proof Live simulcast this Saturday and I am SO EXCITED!  I was wanting to go to the event in Baltimore at the end of this month, but I just cannot afford it right now.  I am happy to have the simulcast to attend.  I can probably guarantee that there will be a post about that eventually.  🙂


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