You are my Passion

It is a blessing and to God’s glory when a song like this gets stuck in my mind.  Soli Deo Gloria!



Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Every Friday the Gypsy Mama encourages us to write for five minutes, unedited and unhindered.   Check out her blog and consider joining us. 🙂



When I think of ordinary, I think of the little things that perhaps no one else would notice but me.  Especially those little things that hold significance for me.  Things that others would consider to be ordinary that I find to be extraordinary.  Like…


  • When you have worn in a pair or flip flops so that they seem to conform to your feet and they’re the only pair of shoes that you want to wear
  • When my hair flips or waves just right so that it takes  me very little effort to get ready in the morning
  • Leaving my parent’s home, looking back and seeing them still standing in the door – waving goodbye…making sure I drive away from them safely
  • The relaxed comfort of sitting in the same room with an old room…in silence.  Because neither of you feels the need to fill up the silence with purposeless words.  We are just there together and it’s good


God is so good.  If we take the time, we can see how He has woven moments of the ordinary into our days.  And those moments are what make our lives extraordinary.

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